Headquartered in Silver Spring, Maryland, and founded in 2016, Slayte facilitates seamless event management through its unique and innovative technology. Our one-of-a-kind platform is changing how organizers attract sponsors, engage attendees, and manage the floor in real time.

Our Team

Our joint engineering experience exceeds over 25 years. Through collaborative partnerships, our network of tappable industry experience spans both coasts of the US.

Our Culture

Customers always come first at Slayte. Dynamic and iterative, we make the point to incorporate your feedback. We well know top-quality engineering is a pillar of true customer service.
A forward-looking company, Slayte embraces the remote working culture and sources from the best global talent. Efficiency and user-friendliness are our core values!
We automate what can be automated, be it our internal operations or client-side platform with its expansive, customizable features.

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