Public Site

The public site of your conference is accessible to anyone on the internet with the link to your conference. You can enable/disable the public site, and customize the style on the following site of your conference administration:

  1. As the Event Administrator click on Public Site
  2. Ensure your public site is published.
  3. Select Custom Styling (CSS)
  4. Add your custom CSS in the code editor below.
  5. Press Save.

You can find the entire default styling CSS of the public site here. Use this to let your website team know which classes they can use the apply the styles you need.

To apply styles only to the embedded widgets (see below) you simply prepend the CSS class conference-embed-wrapper to the class you are looking to apply the styling to.


Embedding the Schedule or Speaker List into your website


To Embed your schedule into your website, follow the below steps, highlighted in the video above:

  1. Go to AdminEmbedding
  2. Create a new Embedding Site and select Event Schedule (Public Frame)
  3. Paste your event’s uuid (from the URL of your event)
  4. Save
  5. Copy the embed code (click to copy)
  6. Paste the copied embed code into your website