A Virtual Conference Experience as good as the Physical Event

The Slayte platform has the tools your association needs to run a rewarding and engaging virtual conference for your members.


Convert Your Physical Conference to an engaging Virtual Experience

Slayte turns physical to virtual. Your team manages with ease and attendees love the session and networking experience.

Virtual Conference Management Software is Easy to Set Up.

Save your conference

Explore, Enroll and Watch.

Virtual conference management software easy to use by your attendees: intuitive interface and exciting live experience. Let your attendees explore your sessions and create their schedule, look up speakers and engage in live chat + Q&A during sessions.

your attendees

Sponsors and Exhibitors maximize visibility and see useful Metrics to measure their ROI

Create branded exhibitor pages accessible through a virtual exhibit hall with exhibitor material, live-chat and CTA. Add sponsors to the event or individual sessions for maximum visibility.


Simple Speaker Experience.

Invite speakers and let them collaboratively edit their session. Automated reminders help them deliver an outstanding speaking performance.

Truly Engaging Networking for Attendees.

Attendees build professional profiles and a enroll in networking. They send contact requests, start a chat and exchange business cards.


1-1 chats, group-chats and lounges for topic-oriented breakout sessions.


Pre-Recorded or

Organize your sessions, and set up a video-conference, webinar or video. Attach recordings and let your attendees browse the library even after the event has finished.

Fully Customizable

Slayte is built for customization, starting from custom user profile fields over session templates and CMS pages.


Additional Modules of Virtual Conference

Collect and review submissions

Track and dispense continous education credits

Manage and distribute grants and awards

For the Conference Team

For Attendees

For Exhibitors and Sponsors

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