Members can claim credits from providers

Education Credits Provide speaker session feedback, when claiming, it generates beautiful fully custom PDF certificate.

Education Credits Made Easy

Education Credits with Certificates

Claim Sessions & Webinars

Custom Forms

Build custom claim forms and gather general, session- and speaker-specific feedback.

Grant Credits

Grant credits in your Database, CRM or AMS or via Zapier anywhere else.

Templates & Certificates

Upload HTML templates with placeholders like "License Number". Claimers generate PDFs.

Popular Features

Custom Claim Forms

Create specific claim forms using our expansive library of fields: Comment, Rating, Upload, ...

Credits from multiple providers

Offer claimers to choose what credits they'd like to get for attending a course

License Numbers and more

Configure fields that providers require claimers to provide, e.g. "License Number", to include in certificate.

Session Feedback

Claimers can provide general feedback when claiming.

Speaker Feedback

When speakers are attached to a session you can configure a template to capture feedback about each speaker.

Verification Question

Set up quizzes with passing score or a simple password.

CRM Integration

Set up restrictions to e.g. only allow a member to claim.