The Best Virtual Conference Platform focused on Networking and to raise Audience Engagement

A Virtual Conference Platform is an Attendee-facing portal with networking, exhibitors, speakers, rooms, tracks, and powerful Admin-interface.

Slayte Virtual Conferences are designed to facilitate Networking and to raise Audience Engagement

Registration & Custom Tickets

Your team defines tickets, prices and discounts, and controls which tickets are available to which registrant (CRM integration).

Session Directory

Upon registration attendees can see all sessions and browse by track, speaker or any other custom field you define.

Session Enrollment

Attendees build their custom schedule according to their preferences. Optionally collect additional payments.

Virtual Conference Platform
The conference dashboard gives registrants easy access to all relevant information


Attendee Profile & Connections

Attendees fill in their custom profile and have full privacy control. Attendees can view each others’ profiles and send connection requests, and initiate live chats.

Speaker Directory

Speaker profiles are attached to sessions and show the relevant information to attendees.

Business Card Exchange

Attendees can exchange virtual ‘Business Cards’, export their collected contacts, and link social profiles such as LinkedIn to make connections.

1-1 Chats

What better way to network than a realtime chat. Our battle-tested solutions scale to millions of simultaneous messages.

Deliver an Exceptional Content Experience for Your Attendees

Video Recording Library

Sessions can have a link attached to their recording, enabling users to revisit the content at a later time.

Conference Bag

As the attendees progress through sessions, they can download relevant documents and takeaways to their bag, which can be collated and downloaded to PDF.

Conference Notebook

As attendees progress through the sessions, they can use the ‘Notebook’ tool to capture their feedback and learnings throughout the conference, and later export/print as PDF.

Conference Notebook Feedback
Utilize virtual conferences to make sessions available even after the conference is over


Video Meeting Integrations

Within a session, attendees and speakers can join via video conference. Current integrations available are “Zoom”, “Google Meet”, “Cisco Webex” and “GoToMeeting” - We continuously add to this list.

Live Chat and Q&A

Each session can be equipped with a live Q&A chat for attendees to voice questions, and engage in discussions with the speaker and other attendees. The chat functionality offers common features such as near real-time message delivery, read-receipts, and muting and archiving.

Speakers edit their sessions

Work with speakers and let them control the content on their own sessions, from adding a simple description to attaching hand-outs and presentation slides.

Virtual Conference Platform Made for Conference Organizers

Speaker Management

Speaker Management

Track Speakers

Oversee, list and check which attendee has completed which is prepared for their session.


Send reminders and invitations, manually or automatically. White label and style each message.

Speakers edit their sessions

Work with speakers and let them control the content on their own sessions, from adding a simple description to attaching hand-outs and presentation slides.

Manage Sponsorship

Create Sponsorships

Your team easily controls the features and positioning of each sponsor.


Control which sesions are sponsored, joint or exclusively. Configure leaflets and promotions for the Conference Bag.

Custom Styling & Pages

Upload logos, control colors, design and content for each sponsor's page.


Make the case for your sponsors and share insightful ROI overviews with them to ensure they come back next year.

Customizable sponsorship branding
Working with sponsors, flexibly and fully visible
Collaborative Session Scheduling

Collaborative Session Scheduling

Custom Fields

Set up a template with fields that your team needs.

Conflict Detection

Avoid scheduling conflicts with Speakers, Tracks, Rooms.

Import & Export Sessions

Excel exports and imports give your team the ultimate flexibility.

Speakers from AMS/CRM

Assign speakers directly with lookup from your AMS/CRM.

Filters & Columns

Filter sessions, configure which columns to display to see all information at a glance.

Coordinate Sessions without Conflicts

Use our simple drag and drop scheduler to build a conference calendar from all of your sessions.

Virtual Conference Platform Features for Conference Organizers

Avoid Duplication

Create sessions from submissions, both linked and exportable.

Plan Visually

Drag & drop sessions as if using a personal calendar.

Generate & Export

Generate program indexes, sessions, and participants: seamlessly export.

Custom Fields - Assign & Filter

Define and re-use fully searchable fields for room designation, tracking, categories, and more.

Search instantly

Find all sessions, submissions, and form fields in an instant.

Catch Conflicts Early

Define rules to avoid conflicts; our algorithms show what works and what doesn't. Coming Soon

White Label & Message Templates

Customize the appearance of your site, send e-mails from your domain, and customize any message sent to your users.

Compose Sessions From Submissions Using Drag & Drop