A Powerful Online Form Builder

Go beyond regular forms with Slayte‘s Form Builder

Online Form Builder

Manage All The Fields

The classic. We support single-line, multi-line, and even WYSIWYG (Rich Text Editing) with formatting options, such as enumerations, font size, and bold/italic/underlined.

Dropdown menu to incorporate multiple options.

A convenient option for yes/no questions.

Search other users or users in your CRM by name or email, as well as add restrictions at your convenience.

Quick placement of instructions, welcome messages, and other text.

A workflow-friendly way to inject values into the form via URL, e.g. via a link from your website.

Point to an API endpoint and browse the results as an autocomplete.

Choose a single date or a begin and end date, or mark a range of dates, via our intuitive calendar component.

Upload documents for your users to download/view during form completion: ideal for guideline documents.

Each user has a private Slayte upload cloud to store content and data. They can select from previous uploads or upload a new file: even camera shots from their mobile. Admins can also restrict file types and cap the number of attachments.

Assign a large number of searchable options to streamline usability.

Enable multiple picks and allow blanket displays of options for easy selection.

Select one choice from a list of options, displayed all at once for easy selection.

Split the form into multiple pages and add separators for additional visual guidance.

Set a numeric value, set clearly on a straight line.

We integrate with your CRM and can pull in fields from submitters' profiles. Search these like any other field, as well easily sync with profiles.

Automatically validate if a proper date is entered.

Feature Highlights of Online Form Builder

Attach with Freedom

Each user enjoys private cloud storage for uploading and re-using content within Slayte, e.g. to attach content to multiple application forms.

Blind Fields

Mark a field to be visible only to the form submitter, or hidden from the reviewer, if for a review form.

Validate Input

Set a minimum or maximum number of characters or words for text inputs, validate email addresses, and more.

Branch Logic

Define paths throughout the form; hide and show fields depending on user inputs and answers. Full flexibility that goes easy on users.

Encoding Friendly

Copy & paste from Word; non-English letters and characters show up correctly and searchable.

Efficient Long Lists

Quickly search/browse long lists of autocomplete options and without slowdown.

Drag & Drop

Re-order fields or entire sections of fields with the familiarity of drag & drop.

Capture CRM Profile Fields

Integrate with your CRM; pull fields from user profiles and filter them through our accessible query interface.

Make Live Corrections

Correct typos or add missing options in real time; even after submissions begin arriving.

Variety of Fields

Choose from a large catalog of fields to compose forms that exactly suit your needs; dropdowns, checkboxes, attachments, and more.

Let Users Search Users

We integrate with your CRM and allow your users to search other users right on your form. Ideal for nominations.

Co-Author Collaboration

Submitters can easily find their co-authors or add them after form creation.

Customizable Reports

Our wide variety of form fields can arrange into a column to present submission details.