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Submissions Management Software with Reviews.

Automate review assignments and leverage meaningful reports that expand with your data.

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Submissions Management Software by Slayte

Submissions Management Software
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Abstract & Submission Management

Custom Forms

Build custom submission forms for the distinct information you require.

Convert to Sessions

Automatically convert submissions to sessions for your event program.


Submissions use private cloud-storage to upload, select, and send attachments; nothing is lost.


Popular Features

Powerful Custom Forms

Create specific forms using our expansive library of fields: Text, Uploads, Searches ...

Branch Logic

Add branches to your form that exclusively target relevant information.

Custom Exports

Display real-time custom tables of your data; export instantly.

Authors & Roles

Options for collaborative efforts and role/lead assignation.

Editable Submissions

Self-service and admin options for changing individual submissions.

Granular Review Scores

Automatic formulas divvy a clear 0-100% score, according to your review form.

Review Assignment

Automatically designate and evenly distribute review assignments among target groups.


Create quizzes that, upon review, gauge participants' overall decisions and individual answers. Coming Soon

Workflow Management

Unlimited submission and review phases with their own forms, groups of reviewers, and logical followthrough.

White Label & Message Templates

Customize the appearance of your site, send e-mails from your domain, and customize any message sent to your users.

Review Automation

Auto-Assign Reviews to Peers

Automatically assign reviewers new submissions, based on availability.

Blind Review

Optionally hide confidential or sensitive information from the reviewer, on a per-field basis.

Custom Review Forms

Per-Field Review Criteria allows detailed reviews in each field of your forms.

Staged Review & Phases

Structure workflow and designations to your specific needs, from abstract and submission phases to junior and senior reviews.

Define multiple review phases with unique, stage-specific forms for each group of reviewers.