The Bi-Directional Slayte Impexium integration is deeply rooted both in Slayte and within Impexium allowing a fully integrated experience and moving information freely between both systems.



  • Single Sign On.Slayte uses the Impexium accounts and records. Your users do need to create new accounts, they can use their existing Impexium account.
    Changes to a user’s Impexium account automatically reflect in Slayte, including email address changes.
  • Impexium Fields in Slayte Add Impexium profile fields to Slayte forms that auto-populate for Submitters, including Custom Fields.
  • Sessions.Create sessions in Slayte with a visual Calendar scheduler and see conflicts highlighted. Export to Impexium sessions and bring over Sessions, Speakers, Speaker Types and Rooms.
  • Access Restriction. Define fine-grained access rules in Slayte based on Impexium’s
    • relationship type
    • committee position
    • membership status
    • membership category
    • event registration
    • product purchase
  • Search Impexium Users from Slayte. Impexium users are also Slayte users, allowing:
    • Nominations: Let submitters search your Impexium users to nominate
    • Co-Authors: Let authors specify who they are submitting together with
  • Visual Integration. Neither you nor your users need to leave your Impexium site. Slayte is embedded in Impexium accessible for both Staff and End-Users.
  • Slayte

Impexium Write-Back. Slayte writes to Impexium on


  • Individual’s activity tab (non-queryable)
  • Custom data tables for submissions & reviews (queryable)