We take data security and privacy very seriously. We recognize that Slayte’s information security practices are important to you, but to protect both you and ourselves we don’t like to expose too much detail around our practices. We still want to provide some general information below to give you confidence in how we secure your data.

Data Center Security

  • We receive thousands of applications, submissions,  reviews, nominations and registrations a day. We work with Amazon Web Services to ensure your data is not isolated in one place and use Data centers located in the United States.
  • Our data centers manage physical security 24/7 with biometric scanners and the usual high tech stuff that data centers always brag about.
  • We have DDOS mitigation in place at all of our data centers.


Protection from Data Loss & Corruption

  • All databases are kept separate and are configured and setup, dedicated to preventing corruption and overlap.
  • Account data is mirrored and regularly backed up.


Application Level Security

  • User account passwords are hashed. Our team cannot view them either, and if you lose your password it can only be reset. It cannot be retrieved.
  • Our Login pages pass data via TLS, and we encrypt our entire application with TLS.
  • We perform regular external security penetration tests annually. These tests involve high-level penetration tests, but also deep vulnerability scanning and testing.


Internal IT Security

  • Our team and company are completely virtual and access to our shared resources are network and VPN secured.
  • We monitor all office network traffic and heavily separate any application access.
  • Our internal security team constantly monitors and reviews for any vulnerabilities. We perform penetration and social engineering tests on our environment and employees.


Protocol and Education

  • Employees on teams that have access to customer data undergo criminal history and credit background checks prior to employment.
  • We train our team on best practices regarding security, including how to safeguard against social engineering, phishing and other scams or hackers.
  • All employees sign a Privacy Safeguard Agreement outlining their responsibility in protecting customer data.
  • In order to protect our company from a variety of different losses, Slayte has secured a substantial insurance coverage which includes: Cyber incidents, data breach and other privacy incidents, general error and omission liability coverage, and excess cyber liability coverage, as well as general liability coverage.